Youth Devotional 2/4/2014 5:00pm




Below is an article written by Charles Moore. Charles Moore and I go way back but I did not realize it for some time. Charles Moore had a son Chuck (Charles W. Moore II) and we met at Harding as students. Charles II was interested in missions, and at that time his farther Charles Moorer. was a missionary in Rome, Italy . Years later we moved to Chandler. A Christian woman with two children moved here and while eating lunch we talked about her family. I found out that she was Chuck’s sister, Contessa, and Charles and Carolyn’s, daughter. Charles and Carolyn came here several times to visit their daughter and grandchildren.

Charles and Carolyn live in Texas now but their hearts love the Italian work. Charles works hard on his computer, on the phone and writing for the Italian work. I love to email Charles and to get his emails. Our sermon topic today is Parents and Children and we are studying Ephesians 6. Please consider what Charles has written about you, me and every human being. Also I am including his email address, I think you would also enjoy reading his mission report about Italy. God bless you Charles and Carolyn. My life is richer because of you. It is great how God put people in our lives . Please consider carefully what Charles has written.


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