Where did you come from?

Where are you going?

These are good questions. Think about them.

Of course God is the giver of all life? He is our creator. He is our God. He is our Life. He breathed into Adam the breath of life and he became a living soul (Genesis 2:7). The same is true for us. Humanity began with Adam and Eve. Think about them. What was God’s purpose for them? What is God’s purpose for us? What is God’s purpose for you personally? You are a special person. There is no one else in the whole world that is just like you. Let God use you for His purpose.

We need to realize where we came from and why God brought us into the world. There is a reason and you can be sure it is a good reason. We all need to find ourselves like the Prodigal. I think is exciting. It is edifying. At one time we were a desire in the heart of our mother and a gleam in the eye of our father. Where did that desire and gleam come from? God designed the whole thing. God knew all about us before we were ever born. He knew who we would be, what we would be, and where we are going. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we only knew? God knows our thoughts, and he knows our hearts. He knows what we want to do, what we plan to do, what we have done, what we are doing, and what effect it will have on our whole life. God knows everything. We must put our trust in Him. I will write some more about this later. In the meantime, sit down and write some of your thoughts about these questions. Share them with me if you like. I would enjoy reading them.

GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU Charles W. Moore — moore8356@att.net

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